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Heavy-duty truck and trailer sales enablement & CRM solutions 

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Drive your sales to the next level with a sales enablement software designed for you.

Powerful customer insights

Be confident that you will never miss valuable opportunities again with an integrated CRM system that records everything from customer interactions to tasks to complete. With sales-i, each user is on the same page and can transform any customer insights into a profitable conversation.

Make smarter decisions

Based on accurate and current data, you’re able to make faster, better-informed and more confident decisions that improve sales production, performance and margins through the business.

Track and manage trends

Get alerts when your customer purchasing behavior drops, changes or stops altogether, helping you to spot a leaking customer and prevent the risk of churn before it’s too late.

Get full visibility.

Get full visibility.

With sales-i, you can get a full overview of each individual product line and quickly investigate which customers are buying and which are not, giving you clear visibility into the sales performance. You can also monitor the performance of your sales team, measure their target achievements and be confident that they’re staying productive.

  • Get instant visibility of your products, customers and sales reps and monitor
    their daily activity or performance
  • Create sales reports in seconds for every account to instantly analyze customer buying behavior
  • Use targeted campaigns to coach sales reps on high volume and highly profitable products on every sales call
Connect your sales team.

your sales team.

Ensure your reps all have the same knowledge and confidence required to successfully close a sales deal with sales-i; a sales software specifically designed for Heavy Duty Trucking businesses.

By having your important customer data in one system, all users can instantly see the information they need and stay up to date with any changes.

  • Sales reports are auto generated before a meeting, saving hours of pre-call planning and prep
  • Meeting notes are entered directly into the sales-i system (by voice or text) and can be viewed by colleagues across the business to quickly understand the health of the customer, when they were last contacted and why
  • Key account information is available offline on any device
Tina Rollins, Corporate Parts Manager at Tri-State Truck Center

"Without delay sales-i helped identify areas and products that our sales team hadn’t been strong at selling. This lead to additional training with vendors so they could better understand the products and subsequently sell more."

Tina Rollins
Corporate Parts Manager at Tri-State Truck Center

Be prepared for every sales call.

Be prepared
for every sales call.

Within sales-i, you have the Snapshot feature that instantly creates customer-facing documents by using sales data. It produces complete presentations that your sales team can use in customer meetings to lead and structure conversations, as it gives them valuable insights into your customers.

Snapshot gives your teams the confidence they need by sharing how the customer has been performing over a set time period up to the previous two years.

Easily compile customer information with a click of a button; compressing it in a format that is automatically and immediately presentable to the customer and sharable with the team.

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