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Our mission and values.

Our mission... 

Making product salespeople more effective by creating sector-defining sales software.


Passion – Do it with heart.

We do what we do with love and care. Measure twice, cut once.

We make sure our customer intelligence software exceeds customer expectations every day.


Integrity – Do the right thing.

We say what we mean, and mean what we say. It's in our blood.

We conduct business with the most robust of business ethics to the delight of our customers.


Innovation – Do it differently.

We thrive on innovation and delivering best-in-class software.

Exploiting new technologies and defining new markets is part and parcel of what we do.

Challenge the existing way of doing things.

Ron Dahlhaus Prostock Automotive

“One call using sales-i yielded a $5,000 order from an account that was leaving us for a competitor; he felt we did not care, sales-i showed him we did.”

Ron Dahlhaus
Prostock Automotive

Our accreditations.

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