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AI-Identified Sales Trends

Making the most out of your product, customer and sales performance data

Are you overwhelmed with data? 

We're all looking for insights. The nugget of truth that will help you navigate to the next success. However finding them isn't fast. Until now. sales-i uses machine learning to help you find insights in three distinct areas; product, customer and sales performance.  

Time to Insight = 2 clicks

Wouldn't it be helpful if you had access to a whole library of pre-canned reports that would help you understand what is your highest margin product group, or your lowest selling product? 

Wish no more... you've got it. Just select the insight that you're looking for and voila!

Product Insights Ai

2 Clicks. 9 Reports. Maximum Insight.

Hundreds of customers, plenty of sales, not enough time to understand where opportunities are or where to start? We can help.

We've created nine reports that help you answer the most commonly asked customer-related questions from who hasn't bought from us recently, to which customer generates the most margin.

Instantaneous insights at your fingertips.

Customer Insights Ai

Understand your team's performance

If you're trying to understand how your team are performing then this area of sales-i is for you.

We can give you an overview of team performance in the blink of an eye plus an overview of how your customer portfolio is shaping up.

Performance Insights Ai

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Benefits of Identifying Trends

Data-driven decision making

Identifying sales trends allows businesses to make decisions based on concrete data rather than assumptions or gut feelings.

This data-driven approach increases the likelihood of making informed and successful choices.

Improving Sales Forecast Accuracy

By recognizing patterns and trends in sales data, businesses can create more accurate sales forecasts.

This enables better planning, inventory management, and resource allocation.

Sales Opportunity Identification

Sales trends can reveal emerging opportunities in the market. Recognizing growing demand for specific products or services allows businesses to capitalize on these trends and stay ahead of competitors.

Early detection of sales issues

Tracking sales trends can help identify potential problems early on. A sudden dip in sales for a particular product or in a specific region may indicate issues that need attention, such as a change in customer preferences or increased competition, helping you move from being a reactive sales person to a proactive one.


Is there a limit to how many reports we can see?

No limit at all! You can build and access as many reports as needed to ensure you have all the insights necessary to make better informed and data-driven decisions about your sales performance.  

How do these reports work alongside my existing CRM?

sales-i reports will work seamlessly alongside your current CRM as we integrate with your ERP system and extract the data we need to provide valuable insights regarding your customer's relationship with your products. 

Are these reports out of the box or do we need to configure them?

These reports are ready to use! They are out of the box and don't require additional configuration. You can start spotting trends straight away.


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