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Enterprise sales enablement.

Enterprise level sales enablement.

Scaleable to thousands of individual users within one organization, sales-i delivers instant sales analytics that empowers and enable data-driven conversations with your customers.

Empower your sales teams.

Our award-winning sales performance software delivers smarter selling to the largest manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, creating a complete picture of what’s really going on with your customers.

With full visibility into the inner workings of your business and customer base, your teams will have unmissable cross and up-selling opportunities delivered directly to your sales teams, fast insight into any changes in revenue and truly delighted customers.

Prioritize real-time opportunities.

Focus your team’s efforts where it matters most. With automated alerts to easy-to-close sales opportunities, your team will be able to pinpoint precisely where the next sale lies.

Answer questions like: “Who has bought X but not Y this month?” and “What should this customer be buying from me?” in seconds.

  • Create targeted sales and marketing campaigns that matter to your business
  • Unrivalled visibility into the performance of your accounts, sales teams, branches and products
  • Give your teams the power to create customer-facing reports in seconds
  • Make data-driven decision based on insights

Mobile sales enablement.

With easy access sales analytics built for iOS and Android, sales-i delivers enterprise-level insights on the fly. Empowering your team with data-driven conversations, our mobile applications are available even without an Internet connection.

  • Ensure more intelligent, profitable decisions are made with fast data insight, delivered to any device
  • Raw data instantly accessible and actionable to sales team on the road or working from home
  • Removes reliance on time-consuming data analysis, sales professional can concentrate on selling
  • Collaborate across departments with an integrated, simple CRM that ensures complete visibility

What can sales-i do for you?

Improve your cross sells.

Who’s bought flooring, but not baseboard? Brake pads, but not discs? Fence posts, but not panels?

Discover who is buying one product, but not the obvious cross sell that goes with it, meaning you need never miss a cross sell opportunity again.

Identify a decrease in sales.

Customer is down 20% on a key product line.

sales-i will notify you if any customer’s spend has dropped. The software can even send their details to your calendar and sync with Outlook and Gmail, so meetings can be booked automatically.

Display alert.

Customer has a showroom display, but is down $10k in sales.

Get alerted, in real time, to any customers who should be buying more from you.

Action open quotes.

Discover quotes over 30 days old and $15k+.

Set up alerts to any open quotes, so you can action them quickly, so that you never miss a sales opportunity.

"sales-i is an excellent cloud based tool that has proved to be a vital part of managing customers in our consumables business. The fact that it is cloud based, means it can be used anywhere including in front of customers often giving them a greater insight into their first aid category than would otherwise be possible."

Reuben Gilmore External Account Manager at Aero Healthcare

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