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What the world is saying about sales-i.

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From leading industry publications to national newspapers and world-renowned sales blogs, sales-i has been featured in multiple media outlets, across numerous sectors

See what the world’s media thinks about what we do and the value we deliver to customers. 

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Sales Hacker

Predictive Analytics: the Key to Selling to Millennials.

Destination CRM

Can a person's career path be attributed to his personality at birth?

The Guardian

sales-i appear in The Guardians Smarter Working Showcase.

Selling Power

Are Salespeople Born Competitive? Post by Kevin McGirl

Fresh Business Thinking

The world is changing. Use technology to transform your sales team.

Digital Marketing Magazine

Use Big Data to get (and Stay) Ahead of the Competition.

Ratchet + Wrench

Aftermarket Executives Say Cheaper Competition is Biggest Threat.

Winning Edge

Paul Black discusses the key differences between selling in the US and the UK.

European Cleaning Journal

How can smaller suppliers compete with the industry ‘big boys’?

Industrial Distribution

How Technology Makes You A Better Salesperson.

Real business

Sell American: How to take your business across the Atlantic.

Talk business

50% of salespeople say biggest challenge is understanding fall in sales.

Automotive Management

Guest opinion: Why the automotive retail industry shouldn't be scared of technology.


Salespeople should tool up with technology. By Paul Black.

Destination CRM

Go with Good Customer Data—Not Your 'Gut'. Post by Kevin McGirl.

Automotive World

Full speed ahead: why the auto industry is gearing up for an ‘inside’ sales revolution.

The Telegraph

Insiring office activities that boost business and morale.

Destination CRM

4 Phrases Sales Reps Say—and Sales Leaders Should Hate to Hear.


Independent Manufacturers' Representatives Finally Get the Sales Data They Need.

Essendant Enhances Reseller eCommerce Suite with new launch.

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