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Onboarding Support.

A smooth transition with your technological change.

A smooth transition with your technological change.

When you are onboarded as a sales-i customer, you will be guided through the next stages, step-by-step, with the support of your Onboarding Manager.

Your Onboarding Manager is there to:

  • Fully introduce you to sales-i and the opportunities that are waiting for you within the system
  • Ensure your data is efficiently transported into sales-i for you to use
  • Connect you with relevant support and training experts at sales-i that will look after you in the future

Step 1: Meet your Onboarding Manager.

Your Onboarding Manager, who will oversee the set-up of your platform, will call to kick off your sales-i journey. During this call, they'll discuss the onboarding process in greater detail.


Step 2: Data delivery stage.

The data team will then be in contact to arrange your data delivery. The specific process for this step can vary based on your ERP system and data extraction method. To enable a smooth process, we recommend key stakeholders are available at this stage.


Stage 3: Data verification stage.

Once your sales-i platform is built, your Onboarding Manager will schedule a screen share session with a member of the data team and training team. During this session, they will verify the validity of your data, walk you through the software and discuss training options.


Stage 4: Go live.

After you have confirmed your data is correct, your sales-i platform will be ready to use. At this stage, you can log in and familiarise yourself with sales-i. Have a play – we promise nothing will break!


Step 5: Training.

Once you are live with sales-i, your trainer will arrange a discovery call with you. On this call, you will discuss your training plan further; tailoring it to your business needs.


Step 6: Meet your CSM.

Upon completion of your training, you will be handed over to your Customer Success Manager. Your CSM will be your main point of contact throughout your lifetime here at sales-i and they will ensure your ongoing success.

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