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Sales webinars for all levels of user. 

Watch our regular sales-i webinars to discover how to get the most out of your sales software and maximize the features to their full potential.

From generating more leads, to increasing productivity, you can learn how to do it all in these webinars hosted by our sales-i expert trainers. Our courses cover every aspect of sales-i and are tailored for all levels of experience on whatever device you use. 

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The Sales vs Gaps Enquiry

Want to establish your customers spending patterns? Want to see when they have stopped spending with you? In this session, we will be explaining how the Sales vs Gaps Enquiry can create intuitive and intelligent conversations for you to have with your clients.

Thursday 26th May, 10am and 2pm GMT

Overview and the functionalities of sales-i

In this session, we will cover, for you, a brief overview of each section and what we use it for, as well as explaining why we do it that way.

Thursday 9th June, 10am and 2pm GMT

Day in the life of a desk-based salesperson

In this session, we will give you the best insight possible into how to best approach your day in the office, and how to utilize sales-i, in order to maximize opportunities.

Thursday 16th June, 10am and 2pm GMT

Establishing how to target top falling customers

In this session, we will help you in terms of identifying priorities. We will go through spot customers who are falling in spend, and how we can prioritize these clients.

Thursday 23rd June, 10am and 2pm GMT

The CRM on sales-i

In this session, we will focus on the Accounts and MyCalls section of sales-i. We will give an overview of how they both work, and how they are utilized best.

Thursday 30th June, 10am and 2pm GMT

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