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Nextran Truck Centers.

Nextran maintained a double-digital growth of 20% for truck parts sales with help of sales-i.

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Nextran maintain double-digital growth of 20% for parts sales with help of sales-i.


After a change with their Dealer Operating System, Nextran struggled to get the data and insights they need to focus sales efforts on the biggest opportunities.

Using sales-i has helped Nextran to:

  • Grow parts sales by 20% or more year-over-year for targeted vendor lines, in the annual       Bigger Nex parts sales challenge.
  • Use their data to run targeted and proactive sales campaigns that drive revenue.
  • Identify and quickly react to any loss of business.

We chatted with Josh Ussery, Operations Sales & Marketing Manager at Nextran to find out just how valuable it is for them to have easy access to actionable customer and sales data insights.

Lack of sales and customer insights impacting sales.

Josh shared why they wanted to adopt sales-i in the first instance: “So prior to sales-i, we were using our dealer operating system. Anything we did reporting-wise was mainly manual labour. The canned reports were not up to the standards we were looking for within the business system.”

He says, “we were looking for a platform that will allow us to, not only react to the loss of business but be proactive in how we target our business.”

He continues, “having the communication between our outside salesmen and our inside team was another priority of ours, and we felt like sales-i, not only with the Campaigns and Enquiries, allowed us to get that information.”

The Bigger Nex sales challenge.

Josh also shares how sales-i supports their annual parts team sales competition:

Josh Ussery

“It's been one of the tools that we use during this challenge that has helped us maintain a double-digit growth 20% or more year over year with our vendor lines that we target.”

He goes on to explain how they mix customer data with sales data to run proactive sales blitz campaigns: “We're able to profile our customers with the CRM side, saying how many trucks they have, what type of trucks, whether they have service bays or not. And then we're able to take that over to the Enquiries portion and run reports based off of what type of customers that we're looking for.”

Ease-of-use makes sales-i simple for sales to adopt.

Today, anyone at Nextran with access to sales-i can run sales reports at any time to prepare for upcoming sales calls, or understand how specific locations or products are performing.

“Every user in sales-i is able to create their own reports to match up with what we have in our day-to-day life” commented Josh on how easy to adopt sales-i is. “The mobile and desktop are very easy to use for anybody that knows how to use a phone or computer. So that was one of the main attractions for us.”

This is in stark contrast to the business system previously where there were only two or three people that felt comfortable creating reports. A huge result!

Who is Nextran Truck Centres?

Nextran Trucks Centres is a growing network of commercial truck dealerships located across seven states. For more than 28 years they have provided industry-leading products, dealership support, and world-class customer service.

Nextran Truck Centres sell and service medium- to heavy-duty trucks from major manufacturers, such as Mack, Volvo, Isuzu, Ford, GMC Trucks, and Kalmar Ottawa.

They are committed to providing the best products and services through highly skilled associates focused on delivering the lowest life-cycle cost.

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