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Nectar Imports

How Nectar Imports optimized their sales process with sales-i.

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Nectar Imports is a leading supplier of premium drinks to the Free On Trade in the South of England and has been for over 30 years. 


Nectar Imports, leading with a range of super premium brands, are the South of England’s leading composite supplier of premium drinks and have been for over 30 years. Nectar has an extensive portfolio of over 3300 products. The purchasing team selects the best drinks available to offer to their customers. They have one of the industry's most diverse collections of drinks, with over 500 new products added last year. Their portfolio includes the latest, tastiest, trendiest, and most innovative premium drinks.

The Challenge. 

Over time they faced challenges in managing business growth and needed a solution to automate the data analytics so that they could channel their focus on managing the business' expansion.

Sales Operations Manager, Gareth Jones, and his team identified several key issues such as, difficulty accessing sales reports in real-time, manual build of sales reports which could take 45 minutes, and the need for visibility into sales team performance and customer interactions.


The Solution. 

To mitigate these issues from hindering growth plans, Gareth and his team partnered with sales-i. Utilizing sales-i’s sales intelligence software, it helped them generate reports in seconds and showed them easy-to-understand information highlighting new sales opportunities.

sales-i's gave them access to sales reports that previously took 45 minutes to generate and enabled the team to automate and streamline the process of generating reports, allowing access to real-time data analysis of their sales interactions and making informed decisions quickly.

The Results. 

With sales-i, the Nectar team had access to an all-in-one platform that captured all customer and sales information, identified up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and dashboards and reports that gave the team real-time insights into their sales performance.

This change improved productivity and efficiency for the sales team, cutting time-consuming manual tasks, such as data analysis and report generation. The sales tool freed up more time for Nectar's sales reps to focus on selling more and building better customer relationships.

Gareth shared about his experience with sales-i: 

Gareth's quote about sales-i being a intuitive CRM platform who provides ongoing training, support and account management.

Moving forward. 

Regarded as "intuitive" by the team, since implementing sales-i, Nectar has witnessed sales growth, greater visibility of sales activities & a time saving for sales staff in excess of three hours per person per week.

With actionable insights into their customer sales, they were able to identify trends in their customer spending history, leading to accelerated opportunity identification with top accounts.

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