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Motus UK.

How Motus UK transformed sales activity by 300% with sales-i. 

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Motus Group (UK) Ltd. started as a single car dealership in 1948 and has since expanded to manage over 128 dealerships, employing nearly 3,000 people.


Motus Group (UK) Ltd encompasses the UK's largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group and ranks inside the Top 15 of all UK automotive dealer groups, with its passenger vehicle interests included.

Operating since 1948, Motus has adapted to an ever-changing industry by embracing new technologies to strengthen its sales team and solve operations issues. This has ensured that Motus stays at the forefront of its industry year after year. 

The Challenge. 

Currently operating in multiple countries like Australia, South Africa, and parts of Southeast Asia, Motus is adept at scaling its business. However, they encountered some operational issues with volume growth, and it became more difficult and time-consuming to track customer requirements.

They had members of their sales team delivering parts and acting as utility players, but that led to missed sales opportunities through the complex mix of customer data and spreadsheets.

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The Solution. 

sales-i was already a tool that some members of Motus UK had been using sparingly before it was fully implemented across the sales team. Once the system was rolled out and fully utilized, Motus saw an increase of over 300% for touchpoints and visits to customers by their sales team. 

Mat Komorowski, Parts Sales Director at Motus, commented: 

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Motus has also prioritized improving its use of notes within sales-i. This has made a compounding difference in its sales cycle, as the Motus sales team knows exactly the customer information it needs, when it needs it, wherever it is in the world.

The Results. 

Following a company-wide implementation of sales-i, the goal was to double sales activity across the board. However, Mat and his sales team not only achieved their sales goals but exceeded them by TRIPLING sales activity for the period. 

When sales-i was integrated into our tech stack, we saw results almost immediately,” said Mat. 

The Motus team has harnessed sales-i’s power across the board, utilizing both the desktop and mobile functionalities to monitor reports and be ready with the information they need to take advantage of any cross-sell opportunities in their customer base.

Moving forward. 

sales-i also continues to support Motus with their new product launches.

Motus recently launched a new product, and sales-i was able to provide the tools to fly off the starting line, leading to a 218% increase in business since last year.

Mat and Motus now train every new employee on sales-i as a matter of course, proving its invaluableness to their team and business. 

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