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Drive results with customer buying behaviour alerts

sales-i will alert you the moment any customer starts buying less, and notify you of any opportunities to cross-sell or upsell.

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What is Campaigns

Get alerts on your customer activity

So you can make smart decisions. 

Campaigns allows you the opportunity to be alerted to any customers who meet criteria set by your business leaders. 

Campaigns are often used to let you know the moment customers start buying less, and can also highlight any easy wins, including upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Whether you want to keep track of customers based on region or location or monitor your customers depending on product-specific information, you can do all this and more from Campaigns.

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Identify inactive or drifting accounts

Identify inactive or drifting accounts

So you can easily see who to contact and when.

You can easily keep track of any customers that have slipped or are starting to slip, by identifying any inactive accounts or drifting accounts.

These drifting accounts could be anywhere between customers who haven’t purchased within the last 2 months, or customers whose overall spend has dropped significantly.

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Run reports on customer data-1

Run reports on customer data

And easily identify trends or patterns in your customers sales.

Go that one step further and connect Campaigns with the CRM and Dashboard functionality.

Within this functionality, you can run reports on your customer's sales data and drill down into the customer's spend, which helps you easily identify sales trends and any potential opportunities.

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Gain actionable insights

Gain actionable insights

To drive your salesteam forward.

Campaigns provides you with quick, actionable insights into your sales, so you can work to develop an action plan of who you need to talk to next, and to make sure you’re better prepared for that conversation.

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“I can generate Campaigns easily and notify my team every morning to follow up with customers that have been highlighted. We are now much more proactive than we were which is really helping us to stay on top of business”

Simon Gladwell
Managing Director at Copdock Mill

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