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Manage your customer data with a cloud-based CRM solution

Dive into your sales data and easily view and manage your contacts without the need for endless spreadsheets.

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Easily view or manage your contacts

Easily view or manage your contacts

All in one place.

Add and manage contacts in sales-i CRM with ease.

You can quickly search for any accounts, view and go into your dedicated CRM, and head to your dashboard. 

Easily add in new Accounts, take notes related to an account, and track all of your prospects too. 

You can also save all of your favorite searches for future reference, so it's easy to dive right back in where you last left off.

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Easily find any Account

Easily find any Account

And always stay prepared for a meeting.

You can use the search function to find any Account you look after or to find any individual Account.

Using the advanced search functionality, you're able to group Accounts together using any of the analysis fields in the system, and then sort the data in table which can be customized too. 

With the mobile app too, your sales team will be able to find accounts on the go too, so they can always be prepared walking into a meeting.

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Gain insights into your accounts activity

Gain insights into your accounts activity 

And identify accounts you sell the most to.

The cloud-based CRM gives you special insight into all of your account's activity.

You can easily identify the Account you call the most and sell the least to, and compare this with the Account you call the least and sell the most to. 

You can also see all your users’ pipelines, and easily keep track of all your sales calls.

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See an overview of your customers spend-1

See an overview of your customer's spend

And instantly have actionable insights.

You’ll get an overview of your customer's spend and sales-i also allows you to generate Account review documents at just the click of a button.

Within your dashboard, you can get an overview of your Top 5 Customers, products, Parent Accounts, and Product Groups from across all the accounts that you manage.

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Generate customer facing reports with ease-1

Generate customer facing reports with ease

Without the need for hours of time.

The snapshot feature is an account review document that you can easily and quickly share with your customers with just one click, so you don’t need to spend hours collating the data and creating the customer-facing review.

The Snapshot feature has been designed especially to be a customer-facing document and contains customer data like the number of items purchased.

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“You often hear the team on the phone talking to customers about their account, and all of the data comes from sales-i. It’s now firmly part of our daily routine. To be honest, it’s now part of the Springpack family!”

James York
Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

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Examine your sales data with ease and discover our easy-to-understand reporting tools.

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Be alerted the moment any customer starts buying less and any opportunities to cross-sell or upsell.

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Access all your previously saved searches, navigate to other sections & see who your top 5 customers are.

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Efficiently manage your time and view your diary, plan or add future calls & add useful notes against customers.

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