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Organize your time with our CRM task & diary management solution

With sales-i MyCalls, you can efficiently manage your time and view your diary, plan or add future calls, and add useful notes against customers.

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Easily plan and manage your time

So you can stay on top of everything.

MyCalls is part of your dedicated CRM system which allows you to easily manage your time and plan your future calls, all in one place.

Add notes against customers, plan future calls and appointments, or simply view your diary to see what’s coming up. 
You'll be able to access you MyCalls on the mobile app when you're on the road too, so your salesteam are always prepared.

The term ‘Call’ is used to represent any interaction you have with your customers, from visits and emails to appointments and phone calls. 

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Efficiently plan your time

And focus on building great customer relationships. 

MyCalls allows you to focus on building much more productive relationships with your customers and is key in planning your day and efficiently managing your time.

Everything in MyCalls is designed specially to help you fully prepare for your meetings, whether on the road or at your desk, and it allows you to note down anything that was said during a call and can even help you plan further follow-up calls.

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Easily manage future calls 

So you can manage your time efficiently

You can view all your future calls in an itemized list in the Follow-up List, or if you prefer a more visual display, you can view them in calendar format in the Follow-up Calendar.

MyCalls is also where you’ll go to add a future call or use the generate button to quickly add several calls into your calendar.

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“It’s incredibly helpful for my organisational skills. MyCalls helps me to plan my next calls and visits without me needing to have a memory! I would need reams of paper, notebooks and alarm reminders without it, there’s no need with sales-i.”

Kerry Hardy
Sales Rep, North West at Quality Endodontic Distributors

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