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Kimbo Coffee UK.

Kimbo UK use sales-i to overcome   their long-winded and complicated data process.

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Based in London, Kimbo UK have selected the finest Italian coffee blends suited to the UK market.

  • 23% increase in invoices for 2019
  • 17% increase in customer transactions
  • +40 international market presence



The Overview.

Founded by the Rubino family in 1963, Kimbo is known as the classic espresso company that delivers the taste of Southern Italian coffee, with a large variety of different blends. The Rubino family continues to pass their experience and passion for roasting the traditional Neapolitan espresso from generation to generation and have earned their way to 2nd place in the Italian market.

With over 50 years of experience, Kimbo is a master at sourcing, blending and roasting the finest quality coffee. In 2009, Kimbo arrived in the UK and is managed by a small, but ambitious, team who use sales-i to support the work they do.

The Challenge.

The team at Kimbo UK were spending hours of valuable time trying to access important data from their back-office system, which was incredibly “long-winded and not very user-friendly”, according to Damon. He shared that the UK team needed to instantly pull out data to make quick, yet smart, business decisions.

Despite the UK team being small in number, the business itself continued to grow from strength to strength, which meant that Kimbo employees in the UK needed to know exactly what the figures were and how the future looked for them.

Damon Wilson, Commercial Manager at Kimbo UK, shares that they were “searching for a CRM system that allowed the team to quickly identify any data with ease”. He also wanted a CRM system that could be used across the team effectively and collaboratively, without wasting valuable working time by battling over-complicated systems.

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The Solution.

“The Kimbo team in the UK introduced sales-i before I joined the company, but because I had used this exact sales enablement software in a previous role, I knew how to use it and take advantage of the features to implement it in a way that would benefit sales, opportunities and future predictions.

sales-i is very easy to use and I would recommend it to any business, especially those in the food and beverage industry. I particularly like how friendly the system is when presenting to customers; Kimbo is portrayed as professional and knowledgeable because we have all the stats and information in one place, ready to share during a meeting with a prospect or customer.

All of our sales and training personnel have full access to their customer accounts, with crucial data to hand 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter whether they are at their desk on a computer, or on the road using their mobile, they can always access their data. It has not only saved time for on-site employees in the office, as they are not constantly asked for data updates, but sales-i has enabled us to request a sales update from each salesperson and have all the information there and then.”

“Thanks to sales-i, it’s made data access so quick and easy; we always have an eye on our figures whenever and wherever.


Damon Wilson, Commercial Manager


The Results.

“In the last three months, our Invoice Count has increased by 23%. Our number of customers with transactions has also increased by 17% over the last three months, which we are obviously very happy with. Our UK team, admittedly, has very little knowledge around CRM systems, but thanks to sales-i, it’s made data access so quick and easy; we always have an eye on our figures whenever and wherever.

Our most used features of sales-i is the ‘Year to Date’, to see how we are performing compared to last year’s sales, and to identify volumes and value across all range and sectors.”

The Future.

“Because sales-i delivers our updated business data to our devices each day, we have more time to work on a company goal, which is to reduce the amount of single-use plastics. In the coffee industry, our biggest challenge is the volume of plastics that are piling up in landfills, but because we don’t have to worry about spending hours filing, reporting and identifying data, we can focus on doing our bit to help the environment.”

“We are also excited to grow our team and add more users to sales-i as we continue to expand as a business”, Damon concludes.

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