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Country Fare Foodservice.

Country Fare use sales-i
to quickly identify new opportunities.

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How Country Fair Foodservice gained better data insights and up-to-date reports with sales-i.

Country Fair Foodservice were previously relying on spreadsheets to record their interactions and activity with their customers, but this proved a slow and difficult process.

Since putting sales-i to work, they can now easily generate reports that their whole sales team can use, and they now have up-to-date sales data insights that the whole team can use.

sales-i gives them:  

- Easy to generate reports
- Insight into their sales data
- An overview of the sales team progress

We caught up with Kris Hall, Sales Manager at Country Fair Foodservice to tell us more.

The benefits of up-to-date sales data

Kris Hall, Sales Manager at Country Fare, shares that “previously, we were relying on Excel spreadsheets and our sage accounting software to record activity within our customer base. With this came huge limitations, especially because the data would quickly become out of date and there was no reporting functionality available to speed up the process.

The biggest impact of relying on spreadsheets was the major loss of business in terms of sales as we simply weren’t identifying lost sales or product groups quickly enough. Plus, from a Sales Managers perspective, it was incredibly difficult to monitor and review my team’s performance.”

“When it came to finding a new solution that fulfilled our business requirements, we instantly saw the value in sales-i and contacted their Sales Manager for a demo. The main reason we were attracted to this specific software was the reporting ability. sales-i massively expanded our reporting functionality insights and gave us the tool to better equip us to deliver to our customers.

With better insights comes better sales.

As well as this, the in-depth analysis of the drill bubbles is very useful in allowing us to identify opportunities that we previously wouldn’t have seen. Having Catherine as our Customer Success Manager has also been instrumental in our success with sales-i, as she has ensured any questions have been answered and quickly resolved.”

Kris Hall

“Not only are we retaining existing business, but we are gaining more customers and improving the relationships we have already established.

As well as the sales benefits of sales-i, the software has also improved our efficiency as a team by eliminating endless admin tasks. Having sales-i automatically do the hard work, we have easily saved half a day to a day per week, which means we can concentrate on the all-important goal – selling!”

Kris then shares the areas of sales-i that he and his team use most frequently: “Enquiries is something we take advantage of, specifically the Variance and Sales Vs Gaps option to identify and rectify any lost business and drop in sales, which we can then turn into a new opportunity.”

“We now export our customers that spend daily to investigate how efficient our operational process is working. Having the ability to see these daily spenders has allowed us to see how much of our turnover is spent on smaller accounts, from here, we can proactively target those to maximize their potential and make them more profitable for us.

Since using sales-i, we have identified – on several occasions – that a customer is no longer taking a certain product or line and have managed to address that quickly, saving us a large proportion of our turnover.”

Going forward, Kris plans to onboard more users and will encourage additional training sessions to better utilize their sales-i software. “My team is heavily reliant on sales-i, they would want to only increase the usage and grow our business further with the support of data analytics and the functionalities within sales-i.”

Who are Country Fare Foodservice?

Country Fare is an independent, family-run fresh produce supplier delivering high-quality food service across Southern England and has 600+ customers.

With 24/7 operations, this major foodservice supplier is motivated by providing excellent products and services to their customers, as well as being ethically driven by recycling materials and encouraging customers to shop for seasonal products.

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