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Fortress Distribution.

How Fortress Distribution streamlined their reporting process with sales-i.

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Fortress Distribution is a UK-based wholesale distributor specializing in introducing innovative safety brands to provide the best protection for workers in demanding jobs. 


Fortress Distribution is a UK-based import and wholesale distribution business specializing in offering innovative PPE and safety brands, including Black Mamba Gloves, across the UK and Ireland markets. With a mission to deliver the ultimate protection for workers in demanding jobs, Fortress Distribution offers a flexible approach to meet customer needs and requirements, providing a reliable and responsive service.    

The Challenge. 

Before onboarding sales-i, the team faced challenges with inefficient reporting systems that made it difficult to track and analyze key business metrics.

Their previous CRM system needed to be improved, and the manual reporting process led to inaccuracies and time-consuming data analysis. Because their older tool could not supply data analytics, they could not quickly identify and respond to customer spending trends.   

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The Solution. 

Everyone in the business recognized the need for a comprehensive and advanced reporting system that could provide detailed insights and analytics about their business. They needed to automate data collection and analysis and have a better way to view their sales performance.  

Steve Brook, National Sales Manager, discussed how they came to implement sales-i:    

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The Results. 

Fortress Distribution has achieved its goal of creating a better reporting system, thanks to sales-i's simple report generation with easy-to-understand charts. They could easily spot trends and pull out new sales opportunities within their existing customers. sales-i helped their team streamline the reporting processes, allowing them to spend more time selling.    

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The Future. 

sales-i provides the business with a simple and comprehensive reporting system that has helped the team to improve their reporting processes, provided real-time insights to level up their game, and enabled them to channel their energy into driving more revenue.

By automating their data collection and analysis, sales-i has allowed Fortress Distribution to focus on improving their sales team efficiency and building relationships with the right customers to help grow the business.  

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