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Autopilot comes to Android.

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Another week sees yet another announcement from our business intelligence app development team. This time, we’re seeing the launch of Autopilot on Android.

Now available as a free add-on to the sales-i business intelligence app on Android, Autopilot will revolutionize your sales meetings, making every customer interaction personal and profitable with zero effort.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Autopilot:

Fast meeting prep

Autopilot takes your activity for the day ahead and will automatically produce everything you need to make your next sales meeting a resounding success.

Creating custom, rich sales reports for each of your customer accounts in seconds, Autopilot will make preparing for your meetings a breeze.

Offline functionality

Everything you are presented with in Autopilot is automatically synced and saved so that you are able to access it even without an Internet connection! No matter where you are, Autopilot means you will always have everything you need to make every meeting a success.

Powerful analytics

Autopilot compiles powerful sales information into an easy-to-digest format that is easy to action, with zero effort on your part. Don’t let data analysis get you down, let Autopilot do all of the running while you kick back with a coffee. Simples.

Read enough? Want to see Autopilot in action? Click here to get your free demo and we’d be happy to show you! 

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