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Things happening beyond your control and how to deal with them.

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Power Maxed Racing overcome unpredictability for strong race weekend.

Another weekend of the BTCC saw a handful of impressive saves from our sponsorship team, Power Maxed Racing. Following an unfortunate crash that resulted in Mike Bushell walking away with ligament damage and a dislocated shoulder at Knockhill, it was a race against time to find a replacement that could live up to PMR’s race-winning expectations.

With just 40 minutes to relearn and get to grips with the BTCC Astra after almost two years away from the track, Rob Austin has made this season even more interesting by returning to championship for Power Maxed Racing.

Despite being in a new car with no testing and 45kgs on board, Rob qualified for P16 and set himself up for a successful weekend at Thruxton.

During Race 1, Rob showed the nation why he is a BTCC-legend by climbing four places to get himself up to P12 by the flag. This saw him start Race 2 with no ballast, which gave PMR the best opportunity to get into the top ten and up into the Reverse Grid draw for Race 3.

With a series of unfortunate events since the start of the season, from the incident that took down Mike Bushell, to less than an hour for his replacement to familiarise himself with the car, PMR have experienced an extremely unpredictable few weeks. Sometimes, things happen beyond your control, but it’s how you deal with them that matters.

BTCC fans – and beyond! – should be inspired by the way PMR have transformed a situation into an opportunity by acting quickly to resolve the issues they were faced with and providing a solution that works in their favour. Having unpredictable obstacles thrown at you isn’t what matters, it’s the way they learned, evolved and adapted that shows true success.

Using this strategy in the real-world isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Take sales-i for example, salespeople are in unpredictable and challenging situations more times than they’d like, but by using the knowledge, data and tools to hand, they’re able to turn a potential risk into a brand-new opportunity.

Similar to PMR, sales-i users can quickly identify if there is a problem and work with what they have to provide an effective – and profitable – solution, the difference being PMR are aiming for a race-winning trophy and sales-i users are trying to hit those sales targets.

Following Rob Austin’s fantastic drive over the BTCC weekend at Thruxton, we are even more excited to watch Jade Edwards – first female driver on the BTCC grid since 2007 – represent Power Maxed Racing at Silverstone for rounds 16,17 and 18.

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