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Brand new features come to sales-i on iOS.

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Christmas has come early here at sales-i HQ, as our development team has been working tirelessly on some brand-spanking new additions to the sales-i Business Intelligence app on iOS.

If you’re using sales-i on an iPad or iPhone, we’ve added some great new features for you in this release:

  • A beautifully redesigned contact form that now includes some mandatory fields such as name, email and address so you always have the relevant information for each contact to hand.
  • We’ve also improved how you search for an account with the ability to filter within search results. As you search, matching accounts will appear so you can search by city, state, zip code or anything else that springs to mind!
  • There have also been a handful of performance updates that include a more extensive view of your MyCalls calendar and saving new contacts is now more advanced too.

Update today to get all of these great new features.

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