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Brand new updates now available on sales-i.

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We’re delighted to announce a brand new update to both the browser-based and iOS versions of sales-i, now available online or to download from the Apple App Store.

Tagging: We’ve introduced the ability to add tags to the Record Card that will save you valuable time when managing a project. Tags are a smart way to manage your projects and group together all the items (key contacts, documents, call history notes, opportunities etc) that are related to a particular project.


Spend Mix: Users of sales-i on iOS can now view the Spend Mix Analysis graph on their mobile device. Showing customer spend across your key product groups compared to the market average, Spend Mix is a powerful analysis tool to have access to on the move.

Saved Enquiries redesign: Saved Enquiries has been given a complete overhaul, making it easier to access your saved enquiries on the move. This fresh, new redesign incorporates some helpful quick dropdowns showing each saved enquiry type.

Generating calls: This feature has also been given a much needed makeover, making it a more streamlined process when you need to generate calls on the move from your iPhone or iPad.

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