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Business turns to Jan/San sector to boost confidence.

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How will the Jan/San sector provide the much-needed confidence for businesses to return to normal and adapt to new and evolving market conditions?

The janitorial and sanitation industry doesn’t have the high profile of some of the sectors we work alongside. However, the industry is now front and centre in the response to COVID-19 with the support it can offer businesses returning to normality.

An important role in business going forward.

As the U.S. emerges on the other side of the crisis, the expected demand for Jan/San services will increase. Business locations will have to be deep cleaned before the trade can re-commence. There will be a need for more frequent cleaning to ensure workplaces remain safe for staff and members of the public. There might even be a requirement to address an area where a high-profile outbreak of the virus has occurred.

However, these practical considerations are matched by an intangible benefit. Cleaning services companies will be responsible for not only disinfecting floors and surfaces but also giving confidence to customers and staff that these locations can be used safely and are free of danger. This confidence will be one of the most critical factors in fueling the recovery post-COVID.

New skills for a stronger future.

Alongside this newfound responsibility, there have been developments in skills and knowledge too. Commercial cleaning managers are learning from their colleagues in hospitals who use technological innovations such as hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) and ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light to remove pathogenic microorganisms, decontaminate environments, and eliminate viruses. Working alongside customers, cleaning businesses will develop COVID-security policies to ensure spaces are free from harmful contaminants and will become even more valuable partners in property and facility maintenance.

Restrictions and impact.

There are effects beyond the control of Jan/San businesses. Marketdata estimates that industry receipts will decline by 1.6% this year due to COVID-19-related shutdowns and lost business, particularly in the hospitality sector. But with an estimated sector value of $117.3 billion and only a single-digit decline, the sector can remain relatively positive in its outlook.

Another challenge is supply. As with many sectors, there is a dependency on China for industrial cleaning supplies and materials. With supply chains disrupted, demand-led pressure will no doubt have an impact on prices.

Get the right tools to dominate your market.

With so many factors impacting, predicting and planning are difficult for the businesses that supply the sector. Whether it’s the increase in order volume, making it tough to keep up with demand or regular patterns being disrupted, better controls and visibility are needed.

Sales intelligence software, like sales-i, can be the tie that binds an organization and its stakeholders together in meeting these needs. Having the ability to arm every one of your sales professionals with accurate, up-to-date sales data will give them a massive advantage over the competition when it comes to identifying opportunities that exist within your customer base. These opportunities can take many forms, including identifying what complementary products can be sold to existing customers, understanding increases in demand for existing product lines, and highlighting what products customers have stopped buying.

sales-i will also support your teams in managing client relationships by saving on average 165minutes per day, through automated reports, route planning, and voice-to-text meeting, giving them even more time to sell and build relationships with customers.

Seize the opportunity.

The Jan/San sector has two of the most important roles in getting the U.S. back to work. Firstly, by creating a safe environment but also by building confidence in the population. These responsibilities create plenty of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The adoption of the right technology now will help with this transition and allow providers and suppliers to take advantage of this new landscape. Confidence in the appearance of a business has never been more important than it will be over the coming months. Are you ready to take advantage?

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