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Employees of the Month.

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This little space on the internet is to appreciate the hard-working sales-i employees of September this year. So, who are our superstar employees of this month?

Drum roll, please…


Anna Yatsyshyn

Business Marketing Analyst

Anna performed greatly with the rest of the sales team at the SEMA show (a show 24 hours before she was not going to), doing handset demos, collecting information and coming back with an experience that will help sales-i move the needle with sales and support in the future.


David Hayes

Data Scientist

Both in work and out of work, Dave (aka data Dave) is constantly striving to be better at what he does, self-learning and development are fundamental to what he does and what he brings into our company.  It’s not just self-learning however, it’s the sharing of that knowledge. Taking time to find others in the business and share what he has learned. David represents our values and gets stuff done, on a personal note he has taught me a lot.


Ally Barnes

Helpdesk Support Analyst

Since joining the Team in August, Ally has not been shy about getting stuck in. Ally has single handily managed the Support desk when needed. Ally has taken her own initiative to assist with data tickets, always bringing a positive attitude to work giving her a very bright future at sales-i.


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Previous Employees of the Month

October 2019

UK Winner Maria Harrison, Customer Onboarding Manager 
UK Runner-Up Lee Dugmore, Customer Success Apprentice
USA Winner Susanne von Borcke, HR Manager

September 2019

UK Winner Amraiz Khan, QA Automation Tester
USA Winner Sarah Uzelac, Software Training Consultant


August 2019

UK Winner George Cartwright, Apprentice Helpdesk Analyst
UK Runner-Up James Haughty, Customer Success Manager
USA Winner Cameron Miller, Helpdesk Analyst


July 2019

UK Winner Steve Franklin, Marketing Executive
UK Runner-Up Dawn Allen, Office Administrator
USA Winner Tom Tracey, Sales Development Representative


June 2019

UK Winner Hannah Tomkins, Product Owner
USA Winner Marco Tegazi, Support Team Leader


May 2019

UK Winner Karen Mercer, Software Trainer
UK Runner-Up Natalie Davies, Marketing Executive
USA Winner Logan Luptak, Specialist Account Executive


April 2019

UK Winner Jay Price, Senior Tech Ops Engineer
UK Runner-Up Sonia McNally, Assistant Management Accountant
USA Winner Marco Tegazi, Helpdesk Support Analyst


March 2019

UK Winner John Downes, Account Executive
UK Runner-Up Steve Twells, Implementation Consultant
USA Winner Caroline Casey, Marketing Analyst


February 2019

UK Winner Paul Crighton, Senior Implementation & Technology Consultant
UK Runner-Up Deepika Agrawal, Software Engineer
USA Winner Kelly Wheeler, Customer Success Manager


January 2019

UK Winner Anton Harrison, Help Desk Analyst
UK Runner-Up Prabha Patel, Software Tester
USA Winner David Selle, Customer Success Manager


November 2018

UK Winner Chris Lloyd, Software Engineer
UK Runner-Up Anton Harrison, Help Desk Analyst
USA Winner Jonathan Miska, Enterprise Customer Success Manager


October 2018

UK Winner Michelle Francis, Head of Learning & Development
UK Runner-Up Luke Austin, Full Stack Web Developer
USA Winner Ross Plummer, Senior Customer Success Manager


September 2018

UK Winner Julie Blakeman, Accounts Administrator
UK Runner-Up Stuart Pecksen, Business Analyst
USA Winner Mark Diver, Inside Sales Manager


August 2018

UK Winner – Steve Grosvenor, Implementation Consultant
UK Runner-Up – Steven Franklin, Marketing Executive
USA Winner – Susanne Von Borcke, HR & Office Manager


July 2018

UK Winner – Natalie Davies, Marketing Executive
UK Runner-Up – Hamish Halton, Account Executive
USA Winner – Michael Cirino, Sales Development Representative


June 2018

UK Winner – Mike Worthington, Customer Service
USA Winner – Mary Ellen DiTommaso, Account Executive


May 2018

UK Winner – Phil Bridson, Data Architect
UK Runner-Up –  Ben Moseley, Data Manager
US Winner – Sarah Uzelac, Trainer


April 2018

UK Winner – April Brunt, Marketing Executive
UK Runner-Up – Ryan Cole, Business Development Manager

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