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Feed your inner GOAT

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sales-i held the first of our annual Greatest of All Time (GOAT) awards this week. The winner, from a list of over one hundred nominations, was Kirk Redman, Vice President, Sales at APCO.

You’re probably wondering where the term GOAT came from though. It was recently used by NFL writer Adam Rank to describe Tom Brady, the footballer whose accomplishments include Seven-time Super Bowl champion; five-time Super Bowl MVP; three NFL MVP awards. 

According to Dictionary.com the Greatest of all Time was first used to describe Mohammad Ali, by his wife. Ali just referred to himself as The Greatest. Ali himself would probably have said that being a GOAT was a mindset, as much as an award. This got the sales-i team thinking about what makes a good salesperson the GREATEST salesperson.  

Kirk RedmanAmongst the nominations we received, Kirk stood out because he displayed the mindset of someone who knows how to combine software with excellent customer relationship skills. Getting in front of the customer is the salesperson’s job, but how can the software help you once you’re there? As Kirk said in the award seminar “All of the answers are in sales-i.” 

One thing we noticed in many of the nominations was how important building good relationships with your customers was. Empathy was high on the list, so the more you know about their needs, the more you can solve them. One quote that stood out was, "She became an expert in her field. Learned the details of the business." Making your customers feel like you’re on their side builds that empathy and forges lasting business relationships. 

Our part in helping build relationships is giving you the right information to see what your customers want. That can mean having the data before a meeting or in the middle of a presentation. Our software solutions work to deliver results wherever you are. Mohammad Ali didn’t just drop into the nearest sports store before about. He made sure he had the right tools for the job. 

Congratulations to Kirk Redman on being the sales-i 2021 GOAT. Why not set aside some time to watch the webinar and get a match fit for your future sales? 

If you’d like to find out how sales-i can help you to become the Greatest of all Time, then book a demo with our team today. 

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