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Getting back on the right path with your sales.

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Anyone watching the unfolding story of the Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal over the past week now, would have seen the tiny digger trying to clear away the sand to free the cargo vessel and thought how neatly it represents their own massive to-do list for the week ahead 

That hard-working digger probably feels like your current CRM, powering away against the sands of the Suez right now, not really up to the task. 

How can I work through my sales objectives? 

Somewhere in an office near the Suez Canal, no doubt there was a team of people checking maps, consulting charts, and working out pros and cons whilbuilding a towering stack of nice-to-haves on Post-It Notes in a corner of the room. There are always ideal solutions we wish we had time for. Usually connected to an imaginary sales enablement budget for improving our workload. And what about a larger training budget (have we mentioned the onboarding and training that we offer?Ultimately, we’re all looking for ways to make our never-ending tide of sales data work harder for us. 

Getting the most out of your data doesn’t have to feel like that digger trying to move all the sand from the Suez Canal though. Using sales enablement software to do the heavy lifting means you have a chance to free up your time to spend it where your skills are best used - talking to potential sales leads. 

Full speed ahead with your data? 

If you want to shift your sales enablement technology from zero to full speed ahead and get your own 200,000 metric tons of sales data back on the right path and your to-do list down, it might be time to request a demo from sales-i and find out how we can help you. 

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