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Five reasons why sales-i might not be for you…

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Sales enablement software isn't for everyone.

Introducing innovative and modern sales technology – such as sales-i – to your business will typically bring a wealth of benefits, including the ability to predict future spending habits and trends so you can stay ahead of the competition. However, a sales enablement software is not for everyone. Here are the five reasons why sales-i might not be for you.

1. You prefer hunting to farming

You focus on winning new business rather than growing wallet share with your existing customers. If a customer churns to a competitor, you will just go out and win a replacement. As a contrarian thinker you don’t believe the conventional wisdom that winning a new account costs x8 and having this mindset eliminates the need to track your customer accounts and purchasing behavior with a sales enablement software – you just manage a huge pipeline instead.


2. Your salespeople would rather be data analysts

If you’re more than happy for your salespeople to be spending hours of valuable time analyzing each customer account and interrogating endless spreadsheets for a potential new opportunity, rather than actually making the sales call and closing the deal – then sales-i isn’t for you.

Because sales-i instantly identifies new opportunities or potential risks by automatically investigating your business data, triggering actionable insights and alerting you on your chosen device, your sales team can save hours of precious time. However, that would take the fun out of being a part-time data analyst.


3. You don't want to sell high margin accessories

Your bonus plan is based strictly on $ revenue with no concept of profitability and you are not concerned with the long-term viability of your business.

You therefore have no interest in selling higher-margin products or accessories, and only want your salespeople selling large volumes of competitive commodity lines, then a sales enablement tool isn’t for you. 


4. Your customers are 100% loyal

Despite what Chuck, the friendly buyer tells your salesperson… can you guarantee that your customers will only ever purchase from your business? Are you sure they will consistently order X, Y and Z, without ever dropping to just X, or just Y and Z? Can you be certain that – no matter what the marketplace looks like – your customers will not be convinced to shop elsewhere for a better deal?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you won’t need to invest in sales-i. But, if you had a moment of doubt where you questioned the true support and devotion of your customers, then your business would benefit from a sales enablement software that is designed to spot any changes in customer behavior, actively alerting you of the pattern shift.


5. You are Jeff Besoz of Amazon

Being the world’s richest man in modern history, Jeff Bezos is making an average of $321 million a day, $13.4 million an hour, $222,884 a minute and $3,715 a second (according to marketrealist.com). Which means he has already utilized every piece of innovative technology to get him to where he is today. And, if you’re Jeff Bezos – you probably shouldn’t be reading this post.

If you’re not Jeff Bezos, he is probably planning to invade your market and sales-i will help you prepare to defend your customers from attack.

To find out more about a powerful sales enablement software that will help you maximize share of customer spend, enhance your margin performance, provide early warnings of churn risks, improve the effectiveness of your salespeople and help you compete with Amazon then speak to us today.

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