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Kickstart Dashboard.

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To help customers react and adapt to the current situation, sales-i has developed the Kickstart Dashboard, which will be available to all customers as they upgrade to New inquiries.

The dashboard can be accessed via a tab on the desktop/Web App version of sales-i and will be available to users as selected by the customer. It uses existing data and requires no additional data uploads or access to any supplementary sales figures.

There will be no charge for the new functionality, as we understand how important it is for us to support our customers in meeting the challenges of COVID. These challenges include the urgency to understand how their business has been impacted and the identification of areas of opportunity or concern. We know that the regular patterns of business sales, seasonality, and product mix have all been impacted, with specific industry sectors affected more than others. The dashboard is designed to help users understand those changes. Once understood, processes can then be quickly implemented, allowing them to be addressed.

The information is presented in a clear and uncomplicated graphical display. It also provides additional ways of looking at the data in sales-i. Rankings have been applied to the data too, and these can be used to sort information and provide further valuable insights.

The default charts show the following:

Total customer revenue performance over time

Customer sales performance pre/post lockdown

Item sales performance pre/post lockdownPicture-1-768x480

The Kickstart dashboard is a glimpse into the future of sales-i, both in terms of visual look and feel, but more significantly, it is the beginning of the utilization of the power of Microsoft Azure and the increased levels of functionality, insight, and performance that it can deliver. These features will develop further over the coming months as more AI capabilities are built into the product.

If you’d like to know more about the Kickstart dashboard and how it can work for your business, please contact your CSM/Account Manager.

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