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Lights, Camera, Action! Check out our latest Training Academy course.

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We are excited to bring our latest series of free Training Academy courses to our online Training Academy: Day in the Life of a Salesperson. 

The new course 

The course Day in the Life of a Salesperson is divided into three sections specific to the needs of desk-based salespeople (using a desktop), and on-the-road salespeople (using iOS or Android) 

This new learning resource has been developed by our internal training specialist, Rachel Challis, in response to direct feedback from our customers who wanted more insight into how sales-i can make an impact in their daily routine.  

“I can’t wait for our users to learn how to incorporate sales-i into their daily routine via these bitesize lessons, in their own space and at their own pace!”

- Rachel Challis, Digital Content Lead for Training. 


The filming 

Everyone involved was feeling a buzz of excitement at being onsite rather than our previous virtual meetings in preparation for the day. From being able to chat with the small handful of staff onsite and our lovely building manager to the film crew and our performer Toby, it really was great to be back and delivering content for our customers. 

Toby reads to camera from an autocue

Whilst our sales-i HQ is dark due to homeworking, there was one upside to the unusual quiet that has settled over the once busy desks, games area, and kitchen breakout spaces… we were spoilt for choice on where to set up and frame our introductions. After sizing up the views in each of our three city-center office wings, we settled on a dynamic view through our training wing as our backdrop. Lights up, autocue loaded, we got to work.

Our socially distanced shoot went off without a hitch, thanks to the experienced team from Spark Media and our talented performer, Toby. It may have been the novelty of being allowed out of my house, but I left the day's filming energized and excited to see how the final product came together! 

Massive thanks to Danny and James from Spark Media who delivered an exceptional day of filming, and to the dulcet tones of Toby, who showed us what professionalism really means! He may not have made the final cut in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but he is proof that ‘Talent uh… always finds a way'.  

The new online Training Academy course Day in the Life of a Desk-Based Salesperson is now live! Be sure to put some time in your diary to refresh your sales-i user skills and sell smart every day! 

Check out the course:



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