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Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability

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If you’re an Internet Explorer user, you may have come across a recent warning of a vulnerability affecting almost every version of the web browser. The warning highlighted security issues that could give hackers complete control of a user’s web browser.

sales-i are pleased to announce that this security flaw in Internet Explorer does not affect your access to or usage of our software. You can continue to log in and use your sales-i account as usual.

A Microsoft spokesperson has issued a statement saying, “We are working closely with FireEye to investigate this report of a vulnerability which was found to have been used in a very limited, targeted attack: the vulnerability is a ‘use-after-free’ memory corruption and the exploit observed seems to target IE9, IE10, and IE11.”

The security flaw doesn’t affect sales-i because it relies on two other components to successfully trigger code execution which sales-i does not provide.

If you have any concerns over using Internet Explorer for sales-i, we suggest switching to another web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera until Microsoft has issued a fix. Alternatively, you can find out more information from our support team.

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