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Our champions of customer success.

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Here at sales-i, our people make us. As the heart and soul of our company, investing in them is imperative.

Whether training courses, webinars or a good ol’ book; keeping our team at the top of their game is part and parcel of what we do.

In the last few months, our Chicago-based Customer Success team have taken it upon themselves to brush up on their skills, learn some new ones and become all round customer success superheroes.

Angie Wagner:
If you’ve joined us for one of our fortnightly training webinars or taken part in an online training session, you’ll probably know Angie. Our in-house guru for all things sales-i, Angie delivers most of her training sessions online.

Looking to expand her expertise in the field of online delivery, Angie recently passed the Learning and Performance Institute’s Certified Online Learning Facilitator course.

Ross Plummer and Jonathan Miska:
Two of our resident Customer Success Managers, Ross and Jonathan have also taken it upon themselves to top up their already brilliant knowledge when it comes to keeping our customers happy.

Both have recently passed the Gainsight Customer Success University program with flying colors and are now fully certified Customer Success Managers. Two of our newest recruits into the customer success team will also be enrolling on the same course this month.


Our fab customer success champions with our General Manager, Bruce.

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