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Jess Hawkins takes to the tracks for the first time this season and leaves ‘rookies’ behind.

This weekend saw Jess Hawkins behind the wheel of the PMR Vauxhall Astra to compete in the Snetterton BTCC weekend for the first time this season. Jess had previously teased about potentially driving for Power Maxed Racing over on her Instagram, so when fans finally saw her live-in action, they were glued to their seats.

With very little preparation beforehand, Jess had to master rounds 22, 23, and 24, following on from just one single test day and a 50-minute practice session before getting ready on the starting grid. Typically, a driver would have hours of practice sessions behind the wheel to familiarise themselves with the car, but without these additional practices, Jess naturally has less of an advantage.


However, she proved to the BTCC ITV audience that coming in late and having little knowledge or experience did not hinder her success as she swooped past some of the season’s most talented drivers.

Jess came in ahead of fellow new drivers making their debut at Snetterton. She crossed the finish line in 20th, just ahead of Paul Rivett in 21st. Glynn Geddie wound up 24th, with Clio Cup Champion, Ethan Hammerton, in 26th. In fact, Jess's speed became more rapid throughout the weekend, consistently posting times that would see her comfortably racing within the top 15.

Coming into one of the world’s toughest forms of motorsport is a difficult move to make, but Jess managed to hold her own – passing vastly more experienced drivers in the final race – which is an incredible achievement and one that proves that being late into the game does not mean being behind.

Salespeople can learn a lot from Jess Hawkins.

Not only did she hit her target of finishing in the top 20, but she dived straight in and absorbed as much knowledge as possible to be successful, despite being late to the season. With sales-i, you can follow in Jess’s footsteps by picking up the sales software at any point – even if you're brand new to the team – and using the tools you have at your disposal to achieve your targets. With an easy-to-digest dashboard displaying your data analytics, you can introduce sales-i to your day-to-day role and quickly adapt to a modern and more innovative way of working.

Like Jess, you could be late to the game and still beat the competition.

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