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A moment of history with first female driver: PMR at BTCC.

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Limited experience doesn't mean limited results. 

Jade Edwards, the first female driver to compete in a BTCC race in 13 years, shows us how limited experience doesn't equal limited results. Following her father's footsteps, Jade took to Silverstone in the Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall to launch her BTCC career.

With little BTCC experience and having only briefly tested the car on Thursday, Jade was going up against some of motorsport’s most talented drivers in the UK’s premier automotive competition.


To kick off the weekend, Jade was position at 26 and climbed to 20. Even with 45kg of new driver ballast on board, she made up quite a few places quite quickly. However, Andy Neate was soon on her tail and managed to take her out, forcing her to drop back down in position.

In race 2despite a difficult start, she managed to pick up the pace and pass people with vastly more experience than herself, including a clean overtake of Andy Neate. 

The final race of the Silverstone weekend was going well, with Jade making up ground before being taken out following another tussle with Andy Neate. Unfortunately, no amount of experience would have prevented her leaving the track, as she was put onto the grass with a damaged power steering line, meaning she had to retire.  

Even though Jade didn't finish the full weekend of races, she still made history as the first female driver in 13 years and would have qualified for the top 10–15, proving that limited experience most definitely doesn't equal limited results.

Like Jade driving for PMR for the first time, not having an extensive background in the task at hand shouldn't hold you back. Take sales-i for example; you're able to quickly introduce a new user to the system and have everything set up and ready to go within a few clicks. As a sales intelligence platform that captures your business data all in one place, your employees – new or old – can pick up where they left off, with no experience, background or knowledge required.

Where new driver, Jade Edwards, was unfamiliar with the Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Astra (but still made her mark and provided a brilliant performance), new employees may be unfamiliar with sales-i, but still able to remain confident, sell smart and reach their sales targets each month

This weekend is the perfect example as Jade exceeded both her own and PMR's expectations at Silverstone by demonstrating that limited experience doesn't mean limited results. From the Silverstone BTCC race weekend, Jade has shared an important lesson that both you, your team, and your organisation can be inspired by. 


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