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Rihm Kenworth wins 2022 American Truck Dealer of the Year.

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sales-i customer Kari Rihm of Rihm Kenworth, has won the 2022 ATD Dealer of the Year award in Las Vegas, a prestigious award that recognizes commercial truck dealers for business performance, industry and civic leadership, and service to their community. 

Kari Rihm said “I am here because I inherited my husband’s family business. We were not prepared for that,” she said. “We [as truck dealers] need to be personally prepared and prepare our families for planned and unexpected successions.” 

Rihm spoke candidly and honestly about the challenge of being a widow forced to rewrite the Rihm succession plan on the fly, and her experience as one of very few women leading truck dealer business in America. She thanked Kenworth of Louisiana’s Jodie Teuton, specifically, for welcoming her to the industry and providing her guidance about succeeding as a female leader in a male-dominated industry.  

Since taking over Rihm Kenworth, Kari Rihm has been a strong supporter of the Women in Trucking Association and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the transportation industry. 

“A diverse workforce and industry are a healthy workforce and industry,” she said. 

Rihm also spoke very highly of her children who joined her in the business after their father’s passing, her associates across the Rihm Family Companies’ network, Paccar and Kenworth leaders and dealer partners, and her associates in the ATD. 

“I am grateful and humbled by this award,” she said. 

Rihm Family Companies celebrates its 90th anniversary this year and has a total of 7 dealerships across Minnesota and Wisconsin, spread across 21 locations and with more than 350 employees, and have been a sales-i customer since 2018. 

Kevin McGirl, President and Co-Founder, recently said “We’re extremely proud of our association with Rihm Kenworth, and look forward to working with them to support their future plans, and how sales-i can help them continue to grow business performance.” 

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