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sales-i and DQ Technologies team up.

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sales-i and DQ Technologies have joined forces to present their industry leading software packages to visitors at AAPEX 2013. Together the business’ complementary technologies offer the automotive aftermarket industry everything from intuitive sales and business intelligence solutions to Delivery and Dispatch tools including GPS Tracking and CRM.

“We are delighted to share a stand with DQ Technologies at the largest and best regarded automotive exhibition in Northern America,” comments Kevin McGirl, co-founder of sales-i.

“Our SaaS business intelligence solution is designed to ease the job of the salesperson by streamlining the selling process. But this goal doesn’t end with our technology; it is a value that lies at the heart of our company. By teaming up with another business that provides services in line with our own we aim to improve the buying experience of visitors to the show.”

sales-i has been making waves in the automotive and wider sales industry since its launch in 2008. Driven by the demands of sales personnel for efficient and more successful ways of targeting prospects, the company has created a sales enablement solution that takes the guesswork out of selling and simplifies the process of data collection and analysis. The success of the solution is something that existing automotive customers such as Yuasa can attest to. Since implementing sales-i, the world leader in automotive battery design and manufacture has seen greater visibility of sales, margins and profitability, enabling them to respond faster to every sales opportunity.

Other customers already optimizing their business with sales-i include, Mahle, Cooper Tires, Bennett’s Auto Supply and United Auto Supply.

DQ Technologies’ line of customizable software includes, GPS based Order Delivery Tracking (ODT), integrated mapping solutions and vehicle maintenance management systems for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Formed in 1992 in response to a growing need for better business operating efficiency, ODT helps companies improve ROI through means such as improving the visibility of delivery status, detailed cost tracking, and, point of delivery signature capture, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Combining the DQ Technologies and sales-i solutions allows for easier and more profitable business management.

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