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Driving Success Together: sales-i and SOARR Announce New Partnership

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SOARR x sales-i (non webinar)

sales-i and SOARR Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide Unrivaled Insight and Inventory Management Expertise to New & Used Truck and Trailer Dealers 

Chicago, November 15 2023 – sales-i, the sales enablement platform, and SOARR (Sold on Arrival) the industry-leading heavy-duty truck and trailer inventory management system, are excited to announce a strategic partnership between the two powerhouses of the heavy-duty industry.

The collaboration supercharges new and used heavy-duty truck sales across all sectors, leveraging unrivaled Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models and algorithms to allow dealers to make sure they have full access to their new and used truck inventory at all times and make more strategic sales decisions across their business.

  1. Gain Comprehensive Insights - Businesses will be able to track their new and used truck inventory from the time of appraisal to the time of sale
  2. Streamline Inventory Management - Access real-time sales analytics and inventory data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about their product offerings and pricing strategies.
  3. Amplify Sales - Identify sales opportunities and customer trends with sales-i's sales analytics, resulting in more targeted sales strategies and increased revenue.

With the announcement of this partnership, executives from both sales-i and SOARR are excited about the potential to transform the way dealerships manage their inventory and sales processes.

“This partnership is a no-brainer for us,” says SOARR President and CEO Ethan Nadolson. “Being able to utilize sales-i’s powerful sales insights with our industry-leading inventory management system will be a game-changer for heavy-duty truck and trailer dealerships across the country.

sales-i’s Director of Heavy Duty Sales, Michael O’Doherty, continues, “Combining two powerhouses like this in their respective industries just makes sense. There’s a reason SOARR is the industry leader in new and used truck inventory management, and we’re very excited to move ahead as partners.”

The partnership between sales-i and SOARR is expected to deliver immediate value to businesses across the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry by providing a seamless integration of sales and inventory management capabilities.

sales-i and SOARR will be hosting a joint webinar Thursday December 7th, 2023 at 1pm CST/2pm EST. Signup for your spot and learn more about how these two powerhouses in the heavy-duty industry can help you sell smarter. 

About sales-i:

sales-i is a leading provider of sales performance software that helps businesses maximize their revenue and profitability. With a powerful suite of sales analytics and reporting tools, sales-i empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions and drive sales growth. For more information, please visit www.sales-i.com.

 About SOARR:

SOARR (Sold On Arrival) is a world-class heavy-duty truck & trailer inventory management system. Since 1995, SOARR has been the premier inventory system for both independent and OEM commercial truck and trailer dealerships. This system is also perfect for finance companies, fleets, leasing and rental companies, auctions, or anyone with commercial equipment to manage. The SOARR cloud-based system, SOARR App, and inventory tools are designed to manage and sell trucks, trailers, equipment, and other inventory. For more information, visit soarrsolutions.com

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