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sales-i & Aspin join forces to provide a ‘best of’ software solution.

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sales-i, the leading sales and business intelligence provider is pleased to announce that we have recently become partners with Aspin, an international company offering a range of powerful software solutions for distributors.

This partnership will deliver an unsurpassed solution for distributors to simplify their business processes and enhance their sales operations. sales-i and Aspin will work together to drive new growth opportunities, facilitating the role of mobile sales workers.

sales-i’s technological innovation for fast, visual and easy to use business analytics that can empower any sales team coupled with Aspin’s functional and intelligent software offering will allow businesses from every industry to change the way they sell, and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

Aspin’s suite of software includes a host of solutions, from warehouse management applications, through to e-commerce systems and mobile catalogue ordering.  PixSell is just one of the offerings from Aspin, allowing sales reps to present a catalogue of products using lifestyle images, videos and presentations from an iPad, whilst creating orders and quotes while in situ.

This alliance affords every sales operation the opportunity to better service their territory accounts, gain new business and professionally outsell the competitor. With product catalogues and order taking from Aspin, combined with direct insight into each account’s performance, purchasing trends and additional selling opportunities from sales-i, salespeople from every walk of life will be optimized and more profitable.

Paul Black, CEO at sales-i adds, “We are incredibly pleased to have forged this partnership with Aspin, a well established, and successful software provider in the UK and Australia. Together we will be able to provide our customers and prospects with a complete business and sales enablement solution. We are already working closely with the team at Aspin to build the foundations of a productive working relationship with a forward-thinking business.”

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