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sales-i expands into larger US office.

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sales-i has today announced that it will be shortly moving the location of its US operation into new premises to accommodate its expansion.

The new offices, based at 1840 Oak Avenue, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201, will provide the team with a modern space as well as room to grow, host meetings, train and welcome customers.

Having rapidly outgrown the existing office in the US, particularly for demonstration and customer on-boarding purposes, sales-i is expanding into larger premises. This will make for greater efficiency as well as a pleasant working environment for our growing team.

Located in the Chicago region, the new office is less than a mile from our current premises, so all sales-i employees and contacts will remain unchanged.

Chicago is a hub for many distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers, allowing sales-i to efficiently serve its expanding US customer base, with many of its largest partners and customers nearby.

We plan to operate 100% as usual throughout the move that will be taking place over the next week. The team will be fully in place by Monday August 27 2012.

Paul Black, CEO and co-founder of sales-i, is delighted to have found contemporary premises that will allow for future expansion. “sales-i is enjoying sustained growth, both in the US and UK and this has facilitated our move into the larger office. We look forward to welcoming customers, prospects and partners to the new facility”.

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