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sales-i for iPhone is first on the App Store.

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sales-i has today announced that its iPhone app is the first integrated sales and customer intelligence app available on the App Store.

Unlike generic sales enablement apps, sales-i’s iPhone app provides the first truly integrated sales and customer intelligence app giving internal and external sales teams instant access to information on laptops and all mobile devices and now also via the App Store.

Our iPhone app takes full advantage of the iPhone’s native interface meaning the entire application is multitouch driven with complete implementation of the iPhone finger gestures that users are accustomed to. Simple finger-swipes and finger-pinches enable users to select, view and drill down into sales and customer intelligence data, view and amend customer records and select reports on sales changes, increases and decreases, changes in customer buying behavior etc. The result is a groundbreaking app that empowers sales organizations everywhere with complete sales and customer intelligence at their fingertips.

The iPhone app has been developed in two tranches. The full sales intelligence app can be downloaded now from Apple’s Mobile App Store on iTunes and the app will be uploaded and fully available on the App Store very shortly and made available to all customers.

“This is another first for sales-i as we further tear down the boundaries around sales and customer intelligence delivering an intuitive, user focused experience this time via our iPhone app For years sales organizations have only dreamed of enabling their office based and mobile sales teams with up to the minute information on sales and customer buying behavior activities and we make that a reality with sales-i.  sales-i for iPhone simply increases the appeal and ease of use for sales teams which boosts adoption and therefore drives sales. Once sales managers and their teams get a taste for instant and intuitive information access, there’s no going back.”

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