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sales-i is Pick of the Month in CAT, the leading aftermarket magazine.

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sales-i is Car and Accessory Trader (CAT) Magazine’s ‘Pick of the Month’ for September. CAT magazine is the authoritative business to business title for the UK’s independent automotive aftermarket.

CAT magazine keeps readers up-to-date with current and future industry trends, reporting the latest news stories, providing independent, in-depth analysis and leading the debate on the hottest industry issues. t also delivers expert advice designed to help its readers make strategic decisions and grow their businesses.

The ever popular ‘Pick of the Month’ column this in this month’s CAT magazine focuses on sales-i. This comes hot on the heels of a recent announcement that sales-i has acquired close to a dozen new customers in the Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket markets in the past few months alone.

sales-i is a perfect fit for businesses that distribute thousands of parts or products to hundreds or more customers and where competition is tough and customer retention key to success. All traits that manifest themselves in the Automotive markets.

Amongst those Automotive customers who have invested in sales-i are Universal Automotive, Sovereign, Yuasa, Alexander Dennis, Kalimex, National Autoparts and BMTR. All are benefitting from increased sales and customer awareness, deepened customer contact and loyalty and boosted sales.

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