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sales-i unveils new iPhone App at Aspire 2010.

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sales-i is excited to be exhibiting at this years TriMega National Conference, Aspire 2010 and will unveil its mobile sales performance iPhone app at the event.

Aspire 2010 runs from September 29 through October 1 in San Antonio and has attracted Chairman, President and CEO of South West Airlines, Gary Kelly, as it keynote speaker.

sales-i has selected Aspire 2010 to unveil the world’s first sales performance app which is soon to be available on the App Store. “This is another first for us,” commented Kevin McGirl, sales-i’s US-based co-founder. “Our customers are very excited and looking forward to using sales-i through an iPhone app and to the speed and user experience that goes with it. We see Aspire 2010 as the perfect event to announce this World-first.”

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