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sales-i shortlisted in 6th annual Cloud World Series Awards.

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We are excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the international Cloud World Series Awards program. sales-i has joined the ranks of some of the best-known Cloud service providers in the world, being shortlisted for Best Big Data Analytics Solution.

sales-i’s Big Data analytics takes incredibly complex information and turns it in to something simple. Our software is expected to return dynamic results on hundreds of millions of rows of data in seconds, something that only the latest Big Data technologies can do.

Our team is dedicated to continuing along the disruptive path we have taken as a company thus far, and we pride ourselves on the manner in which we choose to do things a little differently to most.

Paul Black, CEO for sales-i adds, “The team and I are very proud to have been shortlisted for the Cloud World Series Awards. We are championing the use of Big Data Analytics within a business environment, empowering organizations to visualize their data, spot trends and gain a true business insight. To be shortlisted for one of the top awards programs in the Cloud arena is no mean feat and we are delighted to have made the shortlist.”

We’re looking forward to the final awards ceremony at Olympia in London next week; we will of course let you know how we get on!

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