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sales-i signs up several new automotive aftermarket customers

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sales-i has acquired close to a dozen new customers in the Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket markets in the past few months alone. sales-i is a perfect fit for businesses that distribute thousands of parts or products to hundreds or more customers and where competition is tough and customer retention key to success.

Amongst those Automotive customers who have invested in sales-i are Universal Automotive, Sovereign, Yuasa, Alexander Dennis, Kalimex, National Autoparts and BMTR. All are benefitting from increased sales and customer awareness, deepened customer contact and loyalty and boosted sales.

sales-i’s iPhone app launch a few months back further extended its market lead as the first integrated sales and customer intelligence app available on the App Store. Customers in the automotive market have responded very positively to this new development giving their internal and external sales teams instant access to information on laptops and all mobile devices and now also via the App Store.

Andy Freeman, Operations Manager at automotive aftermarket company, Sovereign, comments: “We have transformed our sales and customer awareness since deploying sales-i. It is available on PC’s, laptops, smart phones and viewing devices like iPads. So our sales agents are equipped with up to the minute sales information and buying behavior when out in the field, meaning they can respond to opportunities as they arise and use the system in meetings with the customer to review their account. It couldn’t be simpler.” Andy continues, “We have great visibility of very timely and highly accurate data so each account visit results in an upsell, a new order or account re-profiling.”

“It’s about making sales people and sales organizations more productive and to help them sell more” says Paul Black, sales-i’s CEO and co-founder. “Making sales and customer intelligence available on intuitive smart phones, iPads and via the App Store lowers barriers to technology resistance and encourages use and adoption. The automotive aftermarket is responding very well to sales-i and we are displacing older, first-generation business intelligence systems and empowering sales forces with up to the minute visibility of what is going on in their accounts.”

sales-i enables companies keen to make better use of existing sales resources by equipping them with easily digestible, immediate customer buying alerts. These organizations are attracted to sales-i’s Software-as-a-Service delivery model too which means there is no hardware or infrastructure to buy, maintain or worry about. sales-i is accessed over any Internet connection and delivers sales alerts to emails and across smartphones and viewing devices like the iPad.

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