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sales-i to launch Autopilot at ISSA 2014.

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sales-i, North America’s leading business intelligence software provider will launch its newest feature, Autopilot at ISSA this year.

sales-i was created to help companies make sense of their customer data, streamline the selling process and sell more by analyzing data and proactively alerting salespeople to upcoming sales opportunities.

Autopilot is set to transform the sales process for the mobile salesperson. This new feature, which automates the meeting preparation process, provides salespeople with a clear insight into each customer and highlights the key talking points on each account, so that they can make every meeting a success.

Integrating powerful sales analytics with in-depth customer information, Autopilot provides everything a salesperson will need to make smarter business decisions. From key financials to sales opportunities and previous call notes, Autopilot is available offline and at the touch of a button on a smartphone.

Kevin McGirl, President of sales-i, comments: “Sales professionals working in product based industries typically have to manage multiple product lines across a customer base of hundreds, if not thousands. We have developed Autopilot to help companies make sense of their customer data by turning it into actionable information that will help them identify better sales opportunities, and ultimately sell more.

“The importance of sales data is essential for aiding the mobile sales force and Autopilot will streamline this process even more by giving salespeople access to all the information they need to guarantee repeat sales while on the move. The information it provides will increase the likelihood of a conversion and help sales teams maximize productivity inside and outside the office.”

Launched in 2008, sales-i is making waves across the North American Jan/San industry and is already being used by companies such as Lagasse, Triple A Supplies and Ship-Pac to help them gain market share in an industry worth just shy of $24bn.

“We are excited to present our new feature to visitors at the largest and best-regarded cleaning exhibition in Northern America. We are constantly striving to enhance our software to ensure it meets the needs of our growing customer base and we are confident that Autopilot will ensure sales teams across the Jan/San industry have access to all the customer information they need to outsell the competition every time” McGirl concludes.

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