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sales-i supports land speed record attempt.

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The current land speed record for a car is hovering just over 750mph and has been held since 1997. The Bloodhound Project is here to change that – they’re looking to hit 1000mph and smash the 19-year-old record in October 2017. Nicknamed the Bloodhound SSC, the vehicle taking part has a staggering 135,000bhp and will hit top speed with a stomach-churning 21 tonnes of thrust. Almost 8 times as much power of an entire Formula One grid! That rollercoaster doesn’t seem quite so terrifying, now does it?

The Bloodhound Project was created to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians, combatting the falling number of young people choosing these industries as careers. With over 4,000 UK schools involved just 18 months after the establishment of the project, Bloodhound Ambassadors have been visiting schools up and down the country inspiring over 2 million children to date.

We are an office of car nuts led by our CEO, Paul Black who is right at home in a race car burning rubber around a track. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we’re really pleased to be sponsoring the Project and supporting the incredible work they are doing to inspire the younger generation. You’ll find our company name on the back fin of the Bloodhound SSC.

Image credit:  Flock and Siemens

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