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Solihull becoming hub for West Midlands businesses.

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Solihull’s thriving business community has received a new boost today as sales-i, the leading provider of cloud-based sales performance and analytics software, today moves its UK office to a larger facility in the town centre to accommodate its current and future growth. sales-i is one of the many global technology firms to call the wider city of Birmingham and the West Midlands its home.


Located on Homer Road, the new office is close to Solihull train station, main bus routes, Birmingham airport and major motorways. Shops, restaurants and Tudor Grange park are a stone’s throw away.

The new office is an extension of the company’s position in the market as a software powerhouse – forward thinking, modern and high tech. State of the art training capabilities, more meeting space and informal breakout areas, including pool table, games consoles and vintage arcade games, are designed to give the team more space to flourish, grow and continue their work.

Paul Black, CEO and co-founder of sales-i said “As sales-i continues to grow, so too does our need for more office space. By providing our hard-working teams in Solihull with more space and state of the art facilities, we can more easily foster creativity and further growth.”

“Solihull provides our staff with all the benefits of a big city without the hustle and bustle,” he added. “And we’re proud to be part of a community of other successful technology companies that are located outside of London. We look forward to welcoming our customers, prospects and partners to our new facility.”




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