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Spotlight on QuoteOnSite

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A new partnership between leading sales enablement software developer, sales-i and respected commercial quoting tool provider, QuoteOnSite, is set to deliver rich customer buying insights to businesses seeking to maximise their sales performance.



Who are QuoteOnSite?

QuoteOnSite was founded in 2016 by TJ and Elaine Amas as a response to the need for SME's to manage their quotes more easily.

What does QuoteOnSite do?

QuoteOnSite's sales teams create, send and track detailed and professional proposals that are automatically converted to invoices in Sage, QuickBooks and Xero. Quote requests can also be captured directly from a businesses website and responses documents  including e-signatures, forms and tables.

Why did they Partner with sales-i?

Sales-i and QuoteonSite serve a common set of verticals, both solutions complement each other perfectly.

With the ability to create job-winning sales documents and keep track of new and existing customer relationships and behaviours, both tools offer a far-reaching set of advantages to businesses that adopt them in tandem.

What are the Benefits of QuoteOnSite?

QuoteOnSite offers a centralised solution for quote management and offers several benefits:

  • Save time tracking and responding to enquiries
    Gone are the days of searching for emails containing your enquiries, missing out on key data like contact numbers and addresses. With our contact form plugin, enquiries are not only routed directly to your Dashboard, but a customer record and quote document is automatically created, saving you time.
  • Make every quote your best
    With our document templates, you can get all your best work saved in ready-to-go documents. Create templates for your most popular services, including service and pricing details and send your next quote in minutes.
  • See the full picture
    Want to see how many quotes are outstanding? How many opportunities you've won? Or lost? With data at your fingertips, you can see your sales performance in real time from overall quote value to quote profit and loss.

Interested in seeing how sales-i and QuoteonSite work together? Sign up for  our upcoming webinar:

QuoteOnSite and sales-i.

Tuesday 16th February 10 am GMT.





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