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We’ve joined the BFPA.

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The British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) has been representing businesses across the hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control industries in the UK since 1959.

With over 250 member companies from the manufacturing and distribution communities, the BFPA is today the premier association in what has become a billion-pound industry in the UK.

sales-i has recently joined the BFPA’s growing network of associate members and is already working with a number of members to optimise their sales efforts through:

  • Improved sales visibility – Know exactly what is happening with each customer account even if you manage thousands of accounts and products.
  • Detailed sales reports – Create in-depth, powerful customer-facing sales reports in seconds.
  • Increased sales margins – You’ll get targeted customer insights straight to your inbox. Find cross, link, up and switch selling opportunities fast.
  • Data-driven decisions – sales-i interprets your data to give you actionable sales information to make informed, smarter decisions every day.

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i, adds: “We are pleased to have joined one of the fastest growing associations in the UK. As the latest associate BFPA member, we’re looking forward to working alongside some of the best businesses from across the fluid power industry.”

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