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sales-i is shortlisted for Women in Tech award.

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Celebrating empowerment, the women of sales-i have been recognised for their incredible talent and skillset.

We are delighted to announce that sales-i has been shortlisted in this year’s Women in Tech Awards in the ‘Best Tech Employer with 50-500 Employees’ category.

As a company, we are always proactively encouraging and supporting our female members of staff to aim higher, giving them the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

Head of HR and Talent, Tracey Knowles, explains: “Employing a gender diverse workplace, to include people from all walks of life, will only ever enhance the results businesses achieve.

Celebrating different skills and experiences people have will bring new ideas, fresh thinking and ultimately underpin overall business success. Not to mention the value it has on building a positive culture and strong employee engagement.”

According to the WISE campaign of gender balance in science and engineering, women make up only 16% of IT professionals in ten years. However, at sales-i, we are proud that 33% of our employees are strong females leading the industry, from Product Developers to Partner Channel Executives. 

“The fact that women remain so under-represented in tech is incredibly disappointing, technology roles are one of the most exciting careers to have, and yet companies are failing to attract and retain women. I am grateful for sales-i for not only encouraging me to put forward my ideas, opinions and changes, but for giving me a voice that wasn’t given elsewhere. I feel empowered to perform my role which has pushed me to now be responsible for an entire team as Product Owner,” explains Hannah Tomkins. 

Thank you to Women in Tech for this incredible nomination and for recognising the hard work our female employees put into our software development each day; and finally, a massive good luck to all other shortlisted candidates. 

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