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It's time to kickstart your sales.

The last few months have been unparalleled for the whole economy.

As a result sales insights are now more vital than ever, as we all try to understand what is the new normal for our industry.


In this emerging landscape, the sales intelligence that sales-i delivers could be the difference between your rapid recovery and a slow slog back to normality.

In order to help all of our users and non-users worldwide, sales-i are offering a package of support measures to ensure your business gets back up and running quickly and performing in the way you want.

Dive right in - Find out how to use sales-i in your day to day.

On average, a salesperson increases their selling time by 165 minutes every day by using sales-i.

Our infographic explains how to use sales-i as part of your daily tasks, helping you reduce admin time and increase selling time.

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Let's tackle the new normal - our opinion pieces will tell you how.

Our team at sales-i have been hard at work researching and analyzing the business world, in an effort to tell you how to handle the new normal. Here’s a few things that may help:


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Stay ahead of the competition - Learn how to be the best.

If you’re new to sales-i or want a refresher, then our brand new, free, online training platform, sales-i Academy is the perfect place to start.

Whether you want to view a short video on how to build a campaign targetting customers who haven’t bought with you so far this month or want to complete a full course on getting started with sales-i, there is something for everyone!


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Make your move - See how others are using sales-i.

sales-i improves customer performance, margins, sales, and customer spend but don’t just take our word for it.

We have thousands of business intelligence success stories, from companies of all sizes who are transforming the way they sell.

If you want examples of business intelligence that really show what sales-i can do, our case studies speak for themselves.

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