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Become a sales-i partner

    Greater than the sum of our parts.

    Are you an industry-leading organization that would want to share in the success of a software solution growing at 20% per annum?

    Our partnerships program is open to any organization that shares our passion for customers.

    With flexible terms and packages available working in partnership with sales-i can add additional revenue streams to your business.

    Why become a partner?

    sales-i has the power to enhance any sales team within every product-based business, enabling them to sell more intelligently through a better understanding of their customers’ buying patterns. If this sounds like your customers and prospects then get in touch.

    Marketing defining software.

    Our software is award-winning and partnering with us will give you access to a market-defining product. 

    We want to help you succeed and we’ll support you in growing a profitable customer base.

    • Maximize your profits and growth with our award-winning sales performance solution
    • Empower your organization to play a part in the product roadmap and development with your market expertize
    • Provide a best in class sales intelligence solution to increase profitability across our partner network
    • Deliver marketing resources; from our in-house design team through to co-funded campaigns and events
    • Onboarding and training and for your sales and technical staff

    What makes a good partner?


    Associations and buying groups.

    You’re an industry expert and your association or buying group is renowned. Your advocacy and support of sales-i will contribute to your member’s growth. Together, we’ll develop a fully integrated sales and marketing program to deliver outstanding value to your members.


    Services and reseller partners.

    You’re a provider of technology services, committed to supplying the best software, helping your customers to find the right solution for their business. You can use sales-i as an extension of your business, providing pre-sales consultation and post-sales implementation and support.


    Technology partners.


    You provide software applications that complement, integrate with or add value to our sales performance software, or vice versa. Our Technology Partners work with our development and strategic sales teams to create and deliver a best-in-breed, holistic solution for our customers.

    Can you bring something to the table?

    If you think you can add value to our software as one of our valued partners, then get in touch today and start your journey with us.

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