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Maginus ERP integration.

Get the most out of your Magnius data with sales-i.

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How sales-i can benefit your enterprise

About Maginus ERP Integration.

Maginus is the only UK organization able to deliver Enterprise-Level Omnichannel Solutions from a single team of people.

Built-up over 20 years, their skills and capabilities stretch from eCommerce, Order Management, Back Office, Call Centre, POS, Hosting to Digital Marketing Services.

Get the most out of your Maginus data.

Maginus need not be confined solely to your finance department.

There are sales opportunities just sitting there waiting to be found. Luckily sales-i is the tool to do just that.

Combine your Maginus data with sales-i and we’ll give you information that your sales team can action to improve your sales performance.

Tom Williams Head of Sales at Naveo

"Giving our customers the ability to forensically measure and interpret their customer buying behaviours will be a powerful supplementary tool in helping them maximize short term opportunities and develop winning longer term sales strategies."

Tom Williams
Head of Sales at Naveo

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